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  Tributes to Dick Sillitto on his 80th Birthday,
  from forty-two physicists

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The Burn: in colour!

more pictures from The Burn

Congratulations to you on your 80th birthday.

Some of us, to whom you lectured in the early 50's, are not all that far behind you. We all enjoyed your lectures and got to know you at the "Phys Soc". There must be thousands of other students who have listened to you over the years and come away feeling that, at last, they understood just a little bit more about Physics.

David Dryburgh, Dick Sillitto, Margaret Crump
David, on left, Dick, Margaret Crump
at The Burn, 1953

After I left the University, I went into industry (Rolls Royce) and Joan went into teaching, so neither of us had much to do with cutting edge physics.

Ian Cameron, Elizabeth Campbell, who?,  Enid MacRobbie

First Physics 4 reading party at The Burn, September 1952
(Joan's sister Enid on right)

You probably won't remember it now, but I shall never forget one occasion when we had a Third Year set of lectures on electronics or statistics and the lectures were first thing after lunch. The atmosphere was quite relaxed and chummy and, when one of our number came in late, you asked in a sweet voice, "Watching with Mother, Mr Barr?".

We all had a good laugh and then you said "I promise not to say anything if Dr Childs comes in". We were laughing that off when the door opened and in came Dr Childs. We could hardly contain ourselves and poor old Dr Childs looked first puzzled and then rather annoyed. Nobody could or would tell him what the joke was.

Best wishes for a memorable day
David and Joan Dryburgh (MacRobbie)
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