close window Physics 4 reading party at The Burn, September 1953 (and 1952)

Bennet McInnes, who? Ian Cameron, David Dryburgh, Alastair Rae

Studying angular momentum?
Which of these men caught the salmon?

Dick Sillitto demonstrating

        Dick, Margaret, David

Leslie Barr on right; who else?

David Dryburgh

a dangerous game

Ian Cameron
Dick and Ian Cameron
Dick and Ian Cameron
Dick and Owen Stanesby
Dick and Owen Stanesby

desperate measures

Alastair Rae in the lead

The Burn, a large house near Edzell
Ah, well, better luck next year - or last:
burn higher up The first Physics 4 reading party at The Burn
was in September 1952.
Everyone travelled there by train and bus,
so no expeditions to Mount Keen in those days,
nor even as far as the hill shown here.

Who took these pictures?
Dick Sillitto is just discernible
in the picture above

Are these the 'Rocks of Solitude' on the right?
(see map)

Two female figures are just visible - presumably
Elisabeth Campbell and Enid MacRobbie.

the Rocks of Solitude?

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