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  Tributes to Dick Sillitto on his 80th Birthday,
  from forty-two physicists

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Contributions from
David Wallace
Winifred Sillitto
Alastair Rae
Emil Wolf
Alan Shotter
David Dryburgh
Francis Barnes
David Vass
Jim Grieve
Bob Galloway
Archie Howie
Peter Farago
Harry Napier
Hugh Montgomery
Howie Firth
Stuart McKirdy
Stuart Pawley
Tom Kibble
Brian Blandford
Mary Brück
Enid MacRobbie
Bill Cochran
Satan Rowlands
Joan McMillan
Jan Perina
Pru Wormell
Peter Knight
Ian Every
Rennie Weatherhead
Nigel Haig
Jim Jamieson
Alan Murray
Bernard Soffer
Eric Kintner
Catherine Wykes
Carl Pidgeon
Philip Harper
Steven Heddle
Peter Brand
Karen Ness
John Little

List of other items

collage by Peter Tuffy presented to Dick on his retirement, 50 years to the day after his matriculation
Collage by Peter Tuffy presented to Dick on his retirement

Towards the end of January 2003 our son said to Dick "You have a significant birthday coming up don't you. How would you like to celebrate it?"

So our son and I put our heads together.

Result -
when he brought his family down to Dunbar on 2nd March, our son presented Dick with a large loose-leaf folder full of messages from former colleagues and students - greetings, reminiscences, pictures, jokes.
It was wonderful.
Various other typescripts and reprints were included. our son had recently weeded these out of the mountain of junk left in a corner of the James Clerk Maxwell building when Dick retired in 1990.

Some (not all!) items deserve a wider readership, so I'm gradually uploading these to the web.
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Since this 'book' was first published to the web in 2003, I have added further notes sent to me by the contributors, along with comments, images and links to other websites.
Sadly, Bill Cochran died in August 2003. Peter Farago followed on the last day of 2004. Dick himself died in April 2005 and Alastair Rae followed a few months later.
Harry Napier died on the last day of 2005, and Stanley Rowlands (in Canada) in the summer of 2006; Hugh Montgomery on Easter Sunday 2008, Maire Bruck on 11 December 2009 and Philip Harper (in Austria) on 10 March, 2010.
Elizabeth Barnes, beautiful wife of Francis, died after a long illness on  1 February 2011, followed on 12 February by the inimitable John Little.
And Stuart McKirdy on September 25, 2012

I feel most privileged to have known them all, and have added further notes to their pages here as a small tribute to their memory.

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