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Subject:  Re: Dick Sillitto's 80th birthday 
Date:  Mon, 24 Feb 2003 22:05:25 -0800 
From:   Alan  
To:   sillitto 

this is a great idea to collect greetings for your father. We do hope that he has a Happy Birthday. Here is our message. We are also sending the same message written into a card and sent to Dunbar.

Dear Dick,

Birthday Greetings from Alan and Margaret Shotter in Vancouver. The years have flown but it doesn't seem possible that it was over thirty years ago that we first met you in September 1970. We are sure you will remember the workshop for new lecturers held at Middleton Hall because you helped to organise it and gave one of the talks. Was your talk given in Old College?

Anyway we do remember that you impressed us as a senior academic with tremendous experience, integrity and wise counsel. In fact just the sort of true academic that a younger lecturer might aspire to become. Also it was the same wise counsel that Alan valued when he became Head of Department nearly two decades later. It gave Alan great pleasure that your many substantial contributions to Physics, and the University of Edinburgh in general, were recognized by the appointment as Reader Emeritus when you retired. These positions are unusual and reserved for rather special people like you.

Although now we might not recall the content of those introductory talks given at Middleton Hall, probably the most significant benefit was getting to know so many other new lecturing staff from many Departments around the University. The connections made at Middleton Hall were valuable for the future, and, yes, this applies to us in a very special way via our marriage!

We send our warmest wishes to you, Dick, on your 80th birthday and good wishes too to Winifred and your family.

Alan and Margaret (Shotter)

The TRIUMF website has 164 photos of the opening ceremonies for a new laboratory:
"One of the world's foremost nuclear astrophysicists and physics educators, Dr. Shotter recently came from the University of Edinburgh to assume the position of Director of TRIUMF, Canada's National Laboratory for Nuclear and Particle Physics. Dr. Shotter also heads the ISAC-TUDA project, which can recreate the microscopic processes involved in stellar explosives. In addition to extensive experience participating in research activities and policy-making bodies in Europe and the United Kingdom, he has helped to establish a "science and young people's group" which brought top scientists and engineers to speak to students throughout Scotland."
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