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  Tributes to Dick Sillitto on his 80th Birthday,
  from forty-two physicists

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Philip Harper

pictures of Inveraray

Looking up Loch Fyne from Inveraray - click to enlarge

Subject: Re: Dick Sillitto's 80th birthday
Date: Fri, 21 Feb 2003 19:49:15 -0000
From: "Philip Harper"
To: .sillitto

"Camera on the hillside"

Dick and I were clambering about a hill above Loch Eck, Argyle. I was carrying an old faded blue day-pack. In it were the sandwiches, flask of coffee and Dick's precious camera. This was to record our triumphal ascent.
This did not seem very likely because there was no path and the going was rough, lots of rocks and clumps of blue heather. Dick was a few yards away and spotting a prominent outcrop I shouted to him to wait while I climbed it. It might just give me a better view of a route. No point in carrying weight so I slipped off the pack and set it on a convenient rock. The excursion proved useless so I could only retreat, recover the pack and rejoin Dick. I now realised how well my pack matched its surroundings. We searched and searched, my heart beginning to sink. The pack was no great loss, but Dick's camera! Of course, perseverance eventually paid but we never did get to the summit.

I have no professional reminiscences of Dick. This little anecdote is the best I can offer.
Best regards,
Philip Harper.

Thanks, Philip.
Dick thinks this was taken from the highest point he reached - and he was glad of a rest while you hunted for the camera!

That was a great holiday in your chalet! Do you remember the four of us going to Inveraray?

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