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  Tributes to Dick Sillitto on his 80th Birthday,
  from forty-two physicists

Links 35:   John & Catherine Wykes

"To a mouse"

"Light waves,
radio waves and photons"

Interference effects in an alternating slit experiment Sillitto R.M. & Wykes C., 1972', Physics Letters, 39a, 333.


Wee sleekit, cowrin, tim’rous photon,
wha cannae choose which path tae go on
when presented wi' twa open gates
through which to travel,
will at different points at different rates
fringe patterns ravel.
Oh whit a panic’s in thy breastie!
Twa Magyar men with science hasty
claim if the gates are never open
the baith thegither,
through which ye went acts as a token
so fringes wither.
Fear not yon twa Hungarian men,
Dick Sillitto does thy ways weel ken
and if ye have length enough and time
through both tae wiggle
ye’ll interfere wi' yoursel’ well fine
if fast they jiggle.
Dick tells Catherine to use microwaves
to dirl the gates as fast as he says.
She, in a cellar gloomy and dark,
puts ye to the test.
Thy fringes come in right on the mark
showing Dick kent best.
Mony talk o’er thy quantum mystery,
mair folk should ken aboot this histr’y,
Ye weigh sae little and gang sae fast
sae relativistic-
Pathfinding astounds and fringes last
So proved Cath and Dick.

Dedicated to Dick Sillitto on his 80th birthday.
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