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Craigower, Midlothian

          Beatha an Scoláire

Aoibhinn beatha an scoláire
     bhíos ag déanamh a léighinn;
is follas díbh, a dhaoine,
     gurab dó is aoibhne in Éirinn Alban

Gan smacht ríogh ná rófhlatha
     ná tighearna dá threise
gan chuid cíosa ag caibidil,
     gan moichéirghe, gan meirse.

Moichéirghe ná aodhaireacht
     ní thabhair uadha choidche,
's ní mí do-bheir dá aire
     fear na faire san oidhche.

Do-bheir sé greas ar tháiplis
     is ar chlársigh go mhinne,
nó fós greas eile ar shuirghe
     is ar chumann mná finne.

Maith biseach a sheisrighe
     ag teacht tosaigh an earraigh;
is é is crannghail dá sheisrigh
     lán a ghlaice de pheannaibh.

     The Scholar's Life

Sweet is the scholar's life,
     busy about his studies,
the sweetest lot in Ireland Scotland
     as all of you know well.

No king or prince to rule him
     nor lord however mighty,
no rent to the chapter-house,
     no drudging, no dawn-rising.

Dawn-rising or shepherding
     never required of him,
no need to take his turn
     as watchman in the night.

He spends a while at chess,
     and a while with the pleasant harp
and a further while wooing
     and winning lovely woman.

His horse-team hale and hearty
     at the first coming of spring;
the harrow for his team
     is a fistful of pens.

- 17th century     
Greetings, Dick, on your four score years, and may you continue to enjoy your Scholar's Life!
Greetings to Winifred too, remembering evenings in the distant past when we went to our Gaelic lessons.   Happy memories too of your eagle's nest where upstairs was downstairs and we enjoyed the panorama as well as the crack.
The last 80th birthday we celebrated together was in 1985 (HAB's) and what fun it was. So I am thinking of you and hope to see you soon.
Go mairimíd beó ar an lá seo arís agus arís eile.

Royal Observatory, Blackford Hill, Edinburgh

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