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    Re: Dick's 80th tribute
    Tue, 18 Feb 2003 15:26:32 -0000
    "Brian Blandford"

Like many of the second year students in the old Natural Philosophy Department in Drummond Street, I had some trepidation as to what quantum mechanics entailed. Being totally overwhelmed by most of the textbooks on offer, someone showed me a copy of Dick's Non-relativistic Quantum Mechanics. Immediately struck by its lucidity, I determined to obtain a copy, only to be told that it was out of stock and out of print, but I could apply at EUP in Gordon Square to see if they had any stock.

I did, and there were just 11 copies left. I agreed by the phone that, so save time and effort, I would carry these rare books over to the bookshop myself, and pay the full retail price for one copy on arrival. It was only when I came into the shop I saw the poorly disguised relief on the face of the manager who had had a portion of his stock being carted about by a mere student with no credentials except an honest face! I never regretted that purchase, and still consider that book to be overdue for re-issue.

It was only later I discovered that Dick was to be my tutor for that course - and so began a 40-year friendship.

Brian Blandford

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