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  Tributes to Dick Sillitto on his 80th Birthday,
  from forty-two physicists

Links 12 : from Jim Grieve via Archie Howie

Who took these photos?

In 1998 Archie Howie, Professor of Physics, Cambridge, was honoured with a CBE for services to electron microscopy

(Indeed he does - Winifred)

Dear Jim,
Many thanks for the extra information which I am copying to young Sillitto. Your state of organisation over these ancient records (both mental and paper) seems to be rather better than mine! Our little class evidently at least pulled its weight at the school physics coal face without which, as seems increasingly clear these days, the whole physics enterprise may be at risk.
All the best for your projected transfer to Falkirk.
Best wishes, Archie.

***********REPLY SEPARATOR***********
On 19/02/03 at 07:28 JandiGrieve wrote:

Hey Ho Archie,
Thank you for the copy of your letter to Son of Sillitto and accompanying photos. I was spurred to action to dig out the old (old!) photo album to find my copies and there on their backs were jotted some names! Nearby was a cutting from The Scotsman with the full list for that year's degrees. So, cobbling the sources together with your letter, here, in the interests of historical accuracy (with all these famous people around!), is the detailed list - middle initials & all, as far as I could find them.

Prof.Norman A. Feather, Derek L.Thomas, Catherine A. (Mary) Smith,   James (Jim) Grieve, Prof Nicholas Kemmer
Prof. Norman Feather, Derek L.Thomas, Catherine A. (Mary) Smith, James (Jim) Grieve, Prof. Nicholas Kemmer.

Dr.R.D.Connor, Thomas W.B. (Tom) Kibble, Dr. Marianne A. S. Ross. Ivor Curran, Dr.Arthur Brown, Mary Y.Smith, Dr.D.L.Pursey
Standing - Dr R.D.Connor, Thomas W.B.(Tom) Kibble, Dr. Marianne A. S. Ross.
Seated - Ivor Curran, Dr Arthur Brown, Mary Y.Smith, Dr D.L.Pursey

Thomas A. (Tom) Cook, Dr.G.Evans, Robert B. (Bob)   Galloway. Seated - Ian I.Fairweather, Dr.Richard (Dick) Sillitto, Archibald (Archie)   Howie, Dr.lan Hughes.
Standing - Thomas A. (Tom) Cook, Dr G.Evans, Robert B.(Bob) Galloway.
Seated - Ian I.Fairweather, Richard (Dick) Sillitto, Archibald (Archie) Howie, Dr Jim Hughes.

R.D.Connor finished as Dean Emeritus (Physics and Astronomy) in Manitoba University (as found by Google.com).
Of the two Marys, Catherine A. came from Edinburgh and Mary Y. from Perth, but I don't know what became of them.
Ivor Curran taught Physics in Dunfermline H.S. and was head of department there, as I was in Bathgate Academy.
Passing thought - does Dick Sillitto know all of your own, and Tom Kibble's, distinguished careers?!     

Regards etc
- Jim Grieve.

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Added later: As for myself, after the Edinburgh degree I did my National Service as a Sergeant Scientist in Aldermaston (AWRE), then an MSc in Geophysics at Imperial College, London, followed by about 13 years Oil Exploration with Shell in various parts of the world, finishing as Chief Geophysicist in Turkey. Gave up globe-trotting then, with the agreement of my Danish wife, no children, to (idealistically) "give back to the system from which I benefitted" through teaching physics for 4 years in Stewart's-Melville, Edinburgh, (to experience their system for a while) then Head of Department in Bathgate Academy for 18 years. Having "done my stint", I then retired early and have enjoyed drawing and painting ever since!