Peter S Farago FInstP, FRSE, Professor Emeritus at the University of Edinburgh, was born in Hungary and studied for his degree in physics at the University of Budapest and Eötvös College.  In 1946 he joined the Tungsraum Research Laboratory where he worked under Zoltan Bay. Subsequently he became Professor of Physics in Eötvös College and Reader in Physics at Budapest, and later Head of a Section of the Central Research Institute of Physics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, working in close co-operation with L. Jánossy who had just returned to Hungary from the Dublin Institute of Advanced Studies.

He came to Britain in 1957 and spent a few months at Imperial College sponsored by Denis Gabor before applying for, and being appointed to, a Senior Lectureship in Edinburgh.  

Speaking after dinner during the Peter Farago Symposium on Electron Physics in 1995, Dick Sillitto said
Before he arrived I'd hunted in Physics Abstracts for some clue as to his scientific interests, and was intrigued to find that he (with Bay) had looked into some processes I was interested in - the so-called "photon coincidences" that are found in photoelectron coincidence experiments in coherent light fields.  I remarked to our Head of Department, Norman Feather, that our newly-appointed colleague had some interests in common with mine, to which he replied drily: "I think you'll find he has a remarkable range of interests."

...  Feather's remark has certainly been justified.  And for those of us who have been able to share his interests at close quarters, that has been a delight, as has been his company, and his collegiality.