"Sunny Dunny"  --  Birthplace of John Muir and Robert Wilson

This ancient Scottish burgh of more than 6000 inhabitants (and increasing), on the North Sea coast of East Lothian, is comprehensively described and illustrated in other websites.  Here, we have two quickly loaded aerial photos, with 'hotspots', on this page as well as comments and ground based pictures that we have taken over the years we've been visiting or living in Dunbar.

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We are not trying to sell you anything - this is just a website left over from the days when we offered self-catering. Seems a pity to waste it so it has been slightly modified, June 2009.

interactive skyview of north-east Dunbar, looking north-west

North-east Dunbar from the air, looking northwest, 1st June 2002

©Skyviews 2002

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The West Port and the High street are lined with small shops; a bit out of the ordinary is The Crunchy Carrot, where Chris, Sarah and Jo stock weird and wonderful specialities such as gluten-free flours, and source bread, vegetables and eggs locally - if you've never tasted the excellent flavour of a 'Duke of York' or a 'Dunbar Standard' potato, now's your chance (boil them in the minimum of water).
Many other good shops are listed on the Dunbar community website.

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Skyview of north-east Dunbar
North-east Dunbar from the air, looking northeast, 1st June 2002
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The town boasts two golf courses.  There's sea and shore angling, skindiving, surfing, water skiing, pony trekking, tennis, trampolining and bowling.   There's swimming and badminton at the Leisure Pool, above the castle ruins, a mile away from Belhaven by the John Muir Clifftop Trail. A very interesting interpretative project openened in 2003 in John Muir's birthplace in the High Street.

Dunbar has acquired three splendid sculptures in recent years:

Fishermen's Memorial, 1998 restoration by Michelle de Bruin of Handyside Ritchie's 1861 sculpture Fishermen's Memorial, Old Harbour
1998 restoration by Michelle de Bruin of Handyside Ritchie's 1861 sculpture.
Originally a much appreciated barometer hung in the alcove.

David Annand's Girl with Swan
  graces the space between the Leisure Pool and Lauderdale House.
statue of the young John Muir; 7kb
Statue of John Muir as a boy, outside the Town House
Macquettes were invited from several sculptors, and displayed in Dunbar Library.
Znoba's was chosen and the statue was unveiled in 1997.

Lifeboat Day 22 July 2006
Misty July Lifeboat Day 2006

Dunbar Castle

castle with kittiwakes


Dunbar lifeboat, 4 March 1988, by Stanley McMillan on his 62nd birthday
Stormy March day in 1988

Sustaining Dunbar:
to inspire, nurture and facilitate Dunbar’s transition to being a creative, low carbon, locally resilient community

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Dunbar is comprehensively described and illustrated in the many pages of the local Trades' Association's website, www.dunbar.org.uk.

For a quick summary, see Dunbar gazeteer entry.


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