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  Tributes to Dick Sillitto on his 80th Birthday,
  from forty-two physicists

List of other items included by our son in the book for Dick's birthday  
**Dick's CV
 **1st published paper, 1947
Photos - class of '56

**Joint paper - RMS and Peter Farago

Optics Topics 1979

**Alex Currie - letter of thanks for being Art Convener, 1986
**Optics 84 participant list

Joint paper with Nigel Haig
link to 'Light Waves, Radio Waves and Photons'
**Light Waves, Radio Waves and Photons
(Now a pdf file, 125 kbytes. Click on the icon to download, opens with Adobe Acrobat Reader)
link to spoof crit of 'Letters of Thanks'**Report on thesis by Miss Manghanita Kempadoo
a spoof critique of the book about the partridge in the pear tree
link to 'Maskelyne on Schiehallion', 1957.**Schiehallion lecture - a 15-minute talk for International Geophysical Year, 1957

**Mechanised reasoning - DM McCallum and JB Smith (Ferranti)

**Peter Hall
Miss Woods

**Barr & Stroud - quotation in 1966 to provide the filters used by Catherine Wykes
**These are items which were
rescued from the junk heap

spark from Bob's reminiscences
card from Bob G
Birthday card from
Bob and Edna Galloway, Glen Feshie
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