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Stanley Rowlands, usually known as Satan, came to Edinburgh as a senior lecturer in the physics department in 1945. A large, handsome amusing man with tremendous personality who specialised in radiation medicine, he and Margo lived with their children in a University flat in George Square, next door to the house occupied by Sir Edmund Whittaker. Both families proved excellent neighbours when we moved to George Square at the end of 1950.

The Rowlands left Edinburgh in 1955 and Satan took a medical degree so that he could contact patients directly when developing new diagnostic methods. After a distiguished career in England and USA, he became Professor of Medicine in Calgary. He died after a long illness in 2006 at the age of 88, still interested in physics.

George Square, east side, 1956

East side of George Square, 1956.
House at extreme right was occupied for many years
by mathematician Sir Edmund Whittaker and his family.