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Subject: Re: Dick Sillitto's 80th birthday
Date: Thu, 20 Feb 2003 23:24:41 EST
From: EKintner
To: .sillitto

Thanks for the prompting. Here are the anecdotes I promised. You might check with Winifred to confirm that it was Juliana Bloombergen; I'm not positive I have her given name correct.

One of Dick's most endearing qualities was that he naturally and unaffectedly treated his students as colleagues.  Our working together produced a moment which for me was quintessentially Dick.

We had been working in Dick's office late on a Sunday evening preparing a paper for publication when it became apparent that we needed to reference a paper which was locked away in my office downstairs.  Together, we went to my office, here I unlocked the cabinet.  There on its shelf were two bottles of Johnny Walker Black Label.
What were those doing there? Dick wanted to know.  I explained that I had made two recent trips to the Continent, and I had picked these up duty-free on my return. Living in digs at the time, I thought they were better stored locked in my office.
"Yes, but why Johnny Walker Black Label?"  I explained that there were only two brands available in the duty-free shop, the other being something undistinguished, perhaps Bell's, and even I knew that the Johnny Walker was the better choice.
Dick considered this for a long moment, then finally said thoughtfully, "Well, it is the best of the blends!"

Dick and Winifred's generous hospitality created possibilities none of us could have anticipated.
During my first summer in Edinburgh, Dick and Winifred invited me to share a concert given by a student symphony orchestra on tour from the United States.  One of the members of the orchestra was the daughter of a colleague at Harvard University, Nikolaas Bloombergen (later recognized as a Nobel laureate).  After the concert, Dick and Winifred invited me to their house for tea with Juliana Bloombergen.
Not many years ago, I told this story to my two daughters, both members of the Greater Boston Youth Symphony Orchestra, in the presence of their guest conductor, Jim Orent, after a concert at a summer music camp.  I explained that the first GBYSO concert I heard had taken place long before they were members.   Jim Orent said, "I was a member of that orchestra!"

All the best,
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