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Long Row, Campbelltown, on a wet  night, from a 'B&B', 13 July 1973

Subject:  Dick Sillitto's 80th birthday
Date:      Fri, 28 Feb 2003 15:17:46 -0000
From:     "Joan MCMILLAN"
To:        .sillitto

I am glad to have this opportunity to acknowledge how much I owe to Dick and to express my gratitude.

I first got to know Dick as an undergraduate when he and Winifred came to my home, Campbeltown, on holiday. I was just another undergraduate then, and I was pleased and flattered that they should take the trouble to look me up.

Physics 4 at Dunglass Mill, 1974

Edinburgh from kitchen of 32 Charterhall Road
That set the pattern for then, for later as a postgraduate, and continuing on after I had left university. Dick did not stop at being a good lecturer/tutor/supervisor, which he was (he was very well liked and respected by my fellow undergraduates back in the 70’s); I learned as much about living well, about culture, and about being a decent human being as about physics. There were several enjoyable visits to the Old Mill, and I got to know that wonderful house in Edinburgh very well. It was like a little lighthouse perched on the hill with spectacular views over the city. Now I look forward to the annual Christmas letter. I hope that ‘institution’ will continue for many years.

If justice has anything to do with it, Dick will have many happy years ahead in the full knowledge that there are many people out here who owe him a great deal, and who are glad, at last, to have the opportunity to let him know it. Well done Winifred for this 80th birthday idea!

All the best

Joan McMillan
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