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HT lab

map, High School Yards top right

 Dear Dick,
Very best wishes for your 80th birthday.
Have a sparkling day!
I am reminded of happy times with you
in the High Voltage laboratory in High
School Yards by this photograph of
"the machine" sparking away as we
made it do in order to impress and
entertain visitors. (Also, as it would do
spontaneously when we wanted it to
run usefully!) You were very tolerant
during the time I made a lot of mess in
the lab. building a loudspeaker
enclosure which seemed to need
sandpapering, with associated dust, for
a remarkably long time! Happy times
during which I learned much from you
about critical interpretation of
experimental data and clear thinking
about physics in general for which I
have ever since been grateful.

I recall also, that I followed in your
footsteps into the teaching of Musical
Acoustics and later into the
"Physics/Mathematics Building"
steering committee, both of which
were fun in different ways, aided
greatly by your help in settling in to the
Spark from the Cockcroft-Walton machine
Mention of acoustics, reminds me that we first met in the summer term of my first year
(1952) when you lectured on "Sound and Light", if it is fair to say "met" when I
was an anonymous part of the class! Certainly we did meet in your honours optics lab.
in the basement of the old building in Drummond Street, where the many fascinating
experiments were a pleasant change from balancing every kind of bridge ever
devised, in the electrical laboratory upstairs.

Enough! Returning to the real purpose, Edna joins me in sending you our greetings on your birthday with all best wishes,
Bob Galloway

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